And so it begins . . .

I’ve been thinking about blogging for some time now, the only problem being what would I blog about? You see it’s not that I can’t think of anything I just wasn’t sure how the many varied subjects that do interest me would work in one place. Today I have decided to throw caution to the wind. There is no particular reason, nothing momentous has occurred but I have been feeling a strong urge to voice my opinion on many things lately and not least of all because I don’t know how many days are left.

This isn’t my dying memoirs, well at least I hope it’s not. I have a ‘chronic’ illness, well technically it’s a terminal illness because there are no ifs, buts or maybes, this thing will kill me, but for now it’s just a chronic pain in my joints, muscles, brain, eyes and whatever else decides to play up tomorrow. If I do all the right things I could still be here in 20 years, but 20 years is a very short time when you have a baby and want another. I may not get to see my baby graduate high school, or her older sister for that matter, go on their first dates, travel, discover the world for themselves, turn 21, fall in love or any of the milestones that many parents take for granted. So mostly, this blog is for my daughters, to let them see what drives me, what fulfils me, what brings me joy, brings me to tears and for them to have a firsthand account of me as I am, for them in the future.

A list of things I love right now:

Baby kisses and cuddles in the morning, H has just learned to blow kisses with a lip smacking sound

The grace and dignity of E, even in the face of false accusations she remains calm and poised and could teach many an adult a thing or two

Our house, it’s still green and blue, we’ve only been here 6 months and so far have painted about half of the ground floor but I love every bit of it

Adele, her album is a family favourite, from Dad to Grandma we are all enjoying it

The beach and the sun, why when you have a choice would you live anywhere else

Maxwell Wines Silver Hammer Shiraz

Growing our own fruit and veges, Cherry Tomatoes, Apricots, Apples, Herbs, Spinach, Silverbeet, Roma Tomatoes, Potatoes, Capsicum, Chilli

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  1. Junior myers says:

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  2. Amanda says:

    I’m loving your blog, I’ve been reading in reverse but I’m all caught up now
    Thankyou xxx

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