Hello Sunday Morning – Worst Blogger Ever


Today is New Year’s Day 2012 and it’s my first day on the ‘Hello Sunday Morning’ program. I’m not one to do resolutions, I think they are for weak willed people, you know the kind – the diet starts on Monday . . . . .

This is different though, in short some guy came up with the idea that us Aussies drink too much so he’s encouraging everyone to go have a minimum of 3 months (12 weeks) off the grog in 2012 and to blog about their experiences. DIBS! Yep I thought, this is totally for me, for a few reasons too.

1)      We don’t actually drink that much, my mother in law used to always say ‘you two must be alcoholics, you have so much alcohol in the house’ . . . umm dumb ass if we were alcoholics there would be NO alcohol in the house because we would have drank it all. We do however travel a lot and we like to buy exotic things, including alcohol & foreign cigars to share with our friends, so our house has a bit of a reputation for being a good place to party.

2)      A LOT of our family and friends drink waaaay too much, waaaay too often. The drinking culture in both our families is not healthy and includes a lot of excess and on the flip side there a few who don’t drink at all. We are the only ones who seem to hover somewhere in the middle. The culture in our local community is a lot better, yes we live in a wine growing region but booze is always available so no one ever feels the need to smash it up (although on occasions we do) I’m hoping to inspire a few people to give it a go alongside me.

3)      To set a good example for my kids.

4)      To help improve my blogging . . . slightly weird maybe but I just logged in to see 4 draft posts. I WILL finish them and am hoping that by blogging about this journey it will help me to be a better blogger.

5)      To discourage the visitors . . . . I am sick. If you are sick, do not come to visit me it will just make me sicker. I am sick. If you are planning to use my house as a party pad for the summer, do not come to visit me it just makes me sicker. I am sick. If you are not aware that I am sick then you are not part of my necessary inner sanctum that has been privy to the drama of the past five years and your presence here is probably not helpful and will probably make me sicker. . . .  Some days it’s great being sick because you can just tell it like it is and no one gets upset at you. I’m hoping that my no alcohol attitude might drive away some of hangers on who pop in without and aren’t true friends.

6)      Can’t hurt to be healthier right?

So what’s the plan for this period and what do I want to achieve . . . well I’m thinking that we most often have a Sunday morning in this house but we should do something significant, so I’m thinking we’ll make 9-12 family time and try to find an activity to do each week that the whole family will enjoy. Trust me when I say this won’t be easy, toddlers and tweens aren’t often into the same things. Also I’m hoping I’ll lose some weight. I already have one friend who is joining me and I think Captain Amazing will be giving it a crack too, so stay tuned for more on that.


MARKETS – they might be on the other side of the city but so are lots of our friends, why not make a day trip out of it.

CHURCH – yep I’m serious, we’re special occasion’s attenders but Miss E really loves her private Christian school and her friends go to a pretty cool local church. Hopefully we can make it too every couple of weeks at least, and keep it up as a regular thing, Miss H will love the singing, it’s not really our thing but hey my kid wants to go to church why would I discourage that?

DRIVE – we used to take Sunday drives as a kid, in the heat of an Aussie Summer what better time than in the cool of the morning . . . have been aching for the Riverland of late.

TRAINS – the model railway give rides for $2.50, there are a few in Adelaide so we should check them out. Miss H is into all things that move at the moment, cars, bikes, trucks, planes and of course trains.

BIKES – we all have bikes and have never been for a family bike ride, probably because of my health to be honest but right at this moment there is nothing stopping me from going for a slow, short ride in the local area.

PARKS/BEACH – these are a given and something we do a lot of so maybe something else for our special Sunday mornings?

I’m open to any suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment.

Hurdles . . . . . . .

Well there is that small matter of the family 21st in Melbourne in a few weeks …. eek.

Captain Amazing has just popped his head in the office to say he’s going to join me, I’ve offered him a free pass for the 21st but we’ll see if he takes it. It’s not his nature to cheat.

I’ve also promised Captain Amazing that I’d stop smoking, you see the two go hand in hand for me so as long as I don’t drink this should be a walk in the park. Should be (insert sound of crickets)

Dispelling a few myths

I’m not pregnant yet (that I know of) but I’d like to make it clear that it’s actually not any easier to stop drinking, smoking or living life to excess just because you are. The only difference is you have more of a reason to say no, the cravings are still as strong. When it’s stinking hot and you’ve been programmed to crave beer in hot weather it’s hard to turn that off. I’m looking forward to identifying drinking triggers for myself and those around me. I’m also hoping to post about a BIG FAT POSITIVE pregnancy test before my 12 week stint is over. The thing I’m looking forward to the most however, is all those cool, fruity refreshing summer drinks that I can enjoy by the jugful and still being able to wake up the next day and say Hello Sunday Morning!

For more information on the Hello Sunday Morning see the links section in the side bar.

UPDATE: Before if started writing this post I popped a link to the Hello Sunday Morning Facebook page on my personal page and Four Five people have joined me! Looks like I’m starting to achieve one of my goals already!

You can follow my blog posts by subscribing for email updates or by following me on Facebook which I have newly created today in honour of Hello Sunday Morning .

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  1. Donna says:

    Well said! I am inspired by your honestly and openness to share. Looking forward to swapping success stories along the way. I have 2 unopened bottles of bubbly in the fridge, (forgot to open News Years eve), confident they will still be there in 12 weeks 🙂

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