HSM Days 1&2

Day 1

Wasn’t the struggle I assumed it was going to be? We were invited to a pool party with our ‘drinking buddies’ which in itself wasn’t such a big deal because they’re also our ‘couple friends’ and our ‘kiddy friends’ being that they have 3 little ones themselves. We often do things together that don’t involve alcohol even though ‘she’ works for a winery and it was through her job that we met. The panic started setting in when a list of guests was given over the phone: young, childless yet to be married couple, hard drinking country couple and party gods the gay couple – CRAP! All people we adore spending time with but not necessarily who you want to spend you first sober day with. The venue for the pool party on the other hand couldn’t have been any better, overlooking the vines in god’s country, how could we say no? Not to mention the lure of the pool on a  stinking hot summer’s day.

Well the pool party turned out to be an anticlimax, we were expecting lots of ‘WTF’ and ‘have a wine and start tomorrow’ but everyone was surprisingly supportive and a few (all women) are thinking they might start a stint when their annual leave ends. So all in all a good day was had by everyone, after a tiring afternoon of backflips, lazing around in the blow up boat and lounging by the side of the pool we headed indoors to feed the small people. Single girl started making mojitos and offered me a taste and I politely declined by The Cap had a big old taste so I’m thinking he cheated . . . he says no (you can be the judge).

The adults ate late, around 8pm, and our tiny lady was very tired so we decided to make a move – the party was just about to start swinging. Everyone had a few under their belts and country couple had just decided they’d better stay cause they’d drank too much to drive home, a signal it seems for everyone to start drinking harder and getting louder. It was like deja vu, suddenly I saw the rest of the night played out before my eyes. . . . Because this has all happened, many times before.

I knew what subjects would be raised when there was nothing else to talk about, I knew who’d get their back up, who’d stalk off, who’d be texting, who’d be crying, who’d be yelling and who’d all be lying in bed yelling at the kids to shut up the next morning while My Friend got up to deal with all the kids on her own.

As we drove home The Cap said he was glad we were leaving, he could see the old demons raising their horns, I just nodded . . . so glad we’re off home, me too he says. We love our friends and had a great day but the end of session is never pretty, no matter who your friends are.

Day 2

I came up with a brilliant plan this morning, every time we have visitors over the next 12 weeks I’ll invent a new mocktail for them to try and see if sipping something fruity, fizzy & refreshing stops them from noticing we haven’t brought out any booze. Won’t work say’s the big fella? Are you sure about that?

The only hitch in my grand plan was the fact that today is technically the public holiday and we had nothing in the house to make mocktails with . . or so I thought. A quick check of the cupboards and a drive to Frank’s at Seaford (the only thing open for miles) for a 2L bottle of fruit juice and we were in action. Today’s concoction was called orange, passionfruit & mixed berry mocktail. I’ll post the recipe separately. It was, to say the least DELICIOUS, and our guests left a full 4 hours later none the wiser that they hadn’t had a drop of alcohol during this hot afternoon.

I noticed yesterday how everyone was getting dehydrated; it was 40+c here in SA yesterday and the thirstier they got the more they drank. Someone mentioned that the hottest part of the year was quite possible the stupidest time to give up drinking . . .  actually I think it might be the smartest. I woke up relaxed, refreshed and full of energy and I know both my husband and vegie patch appreciated the attention they got before 7:30am this morning!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Marit says:

    Good work! I bet you felt very refreshed. Looking forwards to trying one of your mocktails 🙂
    And no wonder they’re all getting dehydrated…. Alcohol is a know diuretic, and causes you to lose fluids, so the more you drink the worse off you are.

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