Whine without wine?

Whine without wine?

Day 4 out of nowhere came the greatest challenge of all. We went bowling with some good friends of ours and our combined 6 children, M13, F11, F11, F9, M6 & F1. The bowling itself wasn’t the problem as the tantrum throwing, high scoring toddler who wanted turn in the alley and the minutes us Mums got to ourselves at the end while the Dads and kids played in the arcade.

When you have a moody tween who is in constant flux from tears to doling out vicious biting remarks  . . . and never seems to be anywhere in between, the craving for a night time wine can sneak up on you. Add to that the delights of a self-toilet training toddler and that AAAAAHHHHHHH moment us parents all live for at the end of the night, when their beautiful blonde heads are laid down and the house is silent, is starting to feel like the finish line of a marathon. It cannot come quick enough some days.

Master 6 my nephew has been staying with us for the past fortnight for the school holidays. He’s great on his own or with other boys but he seems to have a problem with girls and deliberately, wilfully goes out of his way to tease, torture and antagonise them. Trust me this is not a ‘my children are perfect others are awful’ Mummy thing. I love my nephew but the last fortnight has done my head in. Needless to say, but I am not raising two weak willed submissive girls here so every time he starts something they finish it and it took him 10 DAYS to learn that they won’t burst into tears or give in to his taunting.  Welcome to World War III – our only solution has been to keep them apart as much as possible, keep them as busy as possible and remind them nonstop that family don’t treat each other this way. People, don’t treat each other this way. And still none of this has made me want to run and hide at the bottom of beautiful Cab Sav.

I have however found a trigger which is going to be hard to fight; a friend with a problem. At the end of our bowling session as us Mum’s took five to have a chat and a break from our constant screaming fans chanting our names (“MUUUUUM” “MUUUUUM”) we both looked at each other as the day’s problem was shared and dissected and said  . . we need wine. Oh oh, problem territory we’re both doing the HSM 12 week challenge. Ugh ok, keep the conversation going but I doubt our solutions will be as creative as usual.

Later the same night after dinner Mum friend and 2/3 kids came to our place as the Dad’s her son all went off to their respective activities, the conversation resumed and once again we were faced with the wine dilemma, but this time we weren’t in a bowling alley, we were in my kitchen with a well-stocked wine fridge. We tossed it back and forth and as I had just found out that this is not our month for making a baby I was feeling like throwing caution to the wind, but I didn’t want to be responsible for her downfall and vice versa. And my friend made a good point WINE KILOS, yes we all have them and neither of us wanted anymore. We’ve both recently lost substantial amounts of weight and we’ve both put on weight over the past fortnights eat and drink fest, 6kg for me. So in the end we retreated to the back veranda with a water bottle for her and a can of diet coke for me.

Crisis averted but it wasn’t easy, The Captain came home and expected to see us out the back with a bottle of something on the table and I have to admit I think he was shocked that it was only a bottle of water.

. . . I weighed myself this morning, I’ve lost 2.2kg since starting Hello Sunday Morning and for me that is a MAJOR achievement as it usually takes copious amounts of hard core drugs or pregnancy to shift any weight on my body.

Inspiration count is now sitting at 10 participants.

Keep your eyes peeled here for two guest bloggers coming soon, one has just given up her long term smoking habit in conjunction with doing HSM, should be an interesting read!

*Wine Sisterhood banner from www.girlfriendology.com

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