Where have I been hiding?


In hospital – that is the short version. The slightly expanded version involves a miscarriage at the end of January, an Easter conception (baby no 3 due New Years Eve) collapsing while on holiday in Melbourne and spending 2 weeks in hospital and 4 months in and out of hospital since coming home with gall bladder, pancreas and liver issues. Am all fixed now though!

Since getting better I’ve been nesting like crazy, we’ve started renovating our house, I’m addicted to Pinterest and have many a wonderful inspirational moment at 2am. My other obsession is Thermomix, if you don’t know what I’m talking about stay tuned, I’ve been taking lots of photos of my thermomix/pinterest inspired life and now I finally have the time and motivation to get back to blogging!

I’m playing with the blog layout, colours and theme so don’t be alarmed if the site looks different everytime you log in, it’s just be poking around the dashboard.

For now here is my thermomix story for any of you who are interested;

We went to a Thermomix (TM – as in thermomix not trade marked lol, but it probably is trade marked too) demonstration not long after I got out of hospital in Melbourne, I just wanted to see my friends. I had heard about this super expensive kitchen appliance that did it all and thought BULLSHIT, waste of money. The Captain and I both went to the demo as I wasn’t up to driving myself and to say we were impressed was an understatement. I didn’t think think an applicae could or would appeal to foodies, wannabe masterchefs and those who hate cooking equally. We fell in love, but decided the money was better spent on renovating our house and so we put it in the one day category.

About a month ago Target released a new model of the Bellini Intelli (aka Fakomix) at $300 on sale we couldn’t resist, who cares if it didn’t have all the functions of the TM, for a $1600 saving we’ll suck it up. We brought it home and were seriously in love, it took some self training & a lot of googling to figure out how to cook in the thing as it came with very few instructions and most of the online recipes afor this technology are for the TM and use the functions this machine didn’t have – we didn’t care. This is how we explained it to friends – normal cooking is like walking, the Bellini is like buying a car and the TM is the equivalent of a luxury sports model – and today that is still true. The only thing is we didn’t get the mid priced family sedan we expected, we got a dodgy lemon with a fancy paintjob. The Bellini broke down on Friday night (as had many others in previous releases, but the bugs were supposed to be gone this time).

I was devestated, ask anyone who’s been here in the past few weeks I’ve been whipping up a storm with little to no effort, no takeaway in this house. We had planned to return the Bellini and swap it over for another one. Saturday morning I logged onto the Bellini Addicts facebook page to tell my tale of woe but several others had beat me to it, in the last 48 hours the page has been flooded with loads of posts about machines from the September release packing up. Some people are on their 3rd or 4th exchange.

I resigned myself to giving up until we could afford a proper TM and then by accident (during a trip to bunnings) I figured out how to save $1500 on the doors for our upstairs renovation and all of a sudden I could afford a TM. I ordered it this morning 🙂

This week I’ll still post the recipes I had been recording and converting for thos who still have a Bellini, SuperChef or ThermoChef because the food was amazing!

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