Where have you been hiding? (Feb 23, 2012)


This is one of FIVE draft posts on my blog that I never got around to posting


Let’s be honest . . . I’ve been hiding in shame, the HSM challenge did not go too well. I did however make it 12 days and then crashed spectacularly when my friend and I where left to our own devices with no children or husbands to answer to, I’m talking 2 bottles of bubbles not 2 glasses.

So why did we fail – well I can’t answer for her but I can answer for me;

1) The season, the warm weather is when I feel my best, we are quite work wise and we have lots of visitors because it’s warm and we live at the beach.

2) Hopeful impending pregnancy – I’m about to do a 9mth + breastfeeding alcohol free term, do I need to add another 3 months?

3) Drinking habits are quite tame – we have through this process managed to highlight to a couple of others that their drinking isn’t and am pleased to report that alcohol consumption has greatly reduced in our inner circle.

4) Achieved goals – apart from point 3 we’ve opened up dialogue and self examination of drinking habits among our social circle, in the past week when drinking esculated again we noticed an audible change, everyone said out loud, I’ve drank too much lately, I need a break from alcohol.

5) Will power – after the initial week, that I really needed to dry out from all the christmas festivities I felt like I no longer needed to be participating and as per point 2, I’ll be contributing again in a big way to the non drinking community (hopefully) soon.

So what else has been happening?

The garden is coming along nicely, I’ve joined ‘cool playgroup’ (WHAT?) The local kindergarten’s are so full they are running sessions on Friday’s which is traditionally ‘playgroup’ day for children under 4. A few of us Mum’s figured we have enough kids and experience between us to have our own playgroup so we take it in turns having it at home or local parks and beaches. This week is our turn and we have a Fire Truck theme. The Captain is taking us to the local fire station to check out the trucks, we have fire man dress ups & colouring in back at home for after fruit time and a fire man story too!

The Captain and half the locals have joined the new gym that recently opened up, he’s really enjoying getting back into it again. I have to admit that physically little has changed so far, it has only been two weeks after all, but the other changes, are very attractive. I always felt like I could take on the world after a morning work out, the big fella comes back to the office feeling amazing and is so happy it’s infectious . . . it’s making him quite irresistable at the moment!

Everything is quite grand at the moment, except I am literally the world’s worst blogger. Have two more in draft form that I am determined to finish soon.

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