Hot puffy pancakes, maccas style

I love cooking, since becoming sick cooking is the only thing I previously excelled at that I can still do and thankfully I find it stress relieving. If we’ve had a bad week in this house you’ll often find me in the kitchen all Sunday afternoon having a big cook up. My whole family can cook, everyone is encouraged to have a go, when my kiwi brother in law arrived never having cooked a BBQ in his life the first thing we did is throw him some tongs and loads of encouragement – 9 years later he’s now a BBQ guru! The kids love helping out in the kitchen and Captain Amazing is somewhat of a cook himself. As a teen he stayed home with his father for 2 weeks while his mother went to visit family, he saw how clueless his old man was around the kitchen and how dependant he was on another for the basic human need of preparing an edible meal and swore he’d never be that way.  He taught himself to cook and still now insists on cooking regularly no matter how busy he is to ensure he keeps his skills up.

Anyway time for the recipe, my daughter found this recipe on last year when our family recipe went missing (since found) before we had any magic in our kitchen. They are much thicker than the pancakes I grew up with and are quite sweet and apparently taste just like a similar breakfast treat from the golden arches. . . . I’ll have to take everyone’s word on it, I am NOT a pancake fan! I have made these using both the Bellini and Thermomix but of course cannot find my Bellini notes now that I’m posting about it, I am sure however that the instructions would be fairly similar in this instance.

Ingredients Original Recipe TM Weights Hint
Butter 25 g 25g Softened
Milk 1.5 cups 350g Full Cream
Egg 1 1 Extra Large
Vanilla Extract 2 tsp 10g We used imitation
Castor Sugar 1/3 cup 60g Raw Sugar
Bicard Soda ¼ tsp ¼ tsp Too light to weigh
Self Raising Flour 2 Cups sifted 350g No need to sift in TM

 TM Instructions

1)      60g Raw Sugar, 3 seconds, Speed 10.

2)       Add 350g Milk, 1 Egg & 10g of vanilla extract & 25g Butter, 15 sec, Speed 4.

3)      Add ¼ tsp bicarb & 350g SR Flour, 20 Seconds, Speed 5.

Cook in a non stick fry pan on med heat.

Hints and Tips

The first time we made them, Miss E threw the softened butter in with the mix, we cooked them in a dry pan (good old Ikea $2.50 fry pan) with no other lubricant and they were exceptional. All the photos you see here are from that first attempt. The second time we reserved the butter as per the original recipe and used it to fry the pancakes in. They did not turn out as well, in fact the butter started to burn and over darken the bottoms before they were ready to turn, they tasted slightly better the first time apparently.

You will know they are ready to flip over when the bubbles which form in the surface close over quickly. At first the bubbles will pop and remain open craters for several seconds, when they cave in on themselves almost immediately and close over they are ready to flip.

If you are cooking for several people (especially kids) try making them uniform in size by spooning even amounts into the pan using a ladle or by using moulds, these are metal cookie cutters. Only fill half way as they puff up while cooking and can spill over.

See how light and fluffy they are inside? These would cook well on a flat plate like a BBQ and could be a good way to feed a big bunch quickly, Easter fundraiser anyone?

Experiment with your toppings, my lot like to have  a stack of little hot puffy pancakes, layered with their favourite toppings. Their favourite toppings are; mixed berries, cream & coulis, orange blossom honey, chocolate ganache or good old butter, sugar and lemon juice! What’s your favourite topping?

*UPDATE* It appears there was a typo in the instructions leading to some confusion on the amount of flour to be used, it is 350g as stated in the ingredients. It has now been fixed, happy thermomixing!

22 Comments Add yours

  1. So trying these for breakfast this morning!!!

  2. Kylie says:

    These look really good and I look forward to trying them

  3. Kobi says:

    Is the SR flour weight right? Just making these now and way to runny – think one cup flour is 130gm, so two cups should be about 260gms not 150gms – is this right??

    1. Mrs P says:

      Hi Kobi,

      These are the measurements we use, 150g is correct, we make them about once a week. I can only suggest that perhaps different brands of SR flour might behave differently, perhaps even the age of the flour might alter the weight per cup (older flour being more dense as it compacts and settles whilst being stored?) I posted on the Dream A Little Blog facebook page yesterday that I would be posting an update on this recipe – the update is that I don’t use the butterfly. The recipe works perfectly without it and it’s just one more item to wash. The batter is quite thin and runny though.

  4. Genevieve says:

    These pancakes were beautiful. A new thermie owner and this is the best by far in the batters I’ve tried. We used light soy milk, with no butter, added a slight bit in the non stick electric pan on low heat. Amazing. Thank u so much..

  5. Genevieve says:

    Hi Mrs P. ingredients say 350g for but method says 150g. Has this changed or maybe I didn’t notice before .

    1. Mrs P says:

      I thought I did a good job editing this one but apparently not, good spotting Genevieve, it is supossed to be 350g 🙂

  6. hmm the recipe says 350g SR flour but the instructions say 150g. Am i missing something? Help!

  7. Jewell says:

    Just to confirm. Is it 350 grams or 150 grams??

  8. Dan Blanco says:

    Readers please note that it seems to be 350g flour as it says in the ingredients. I made these with 150g as stated in instructions and they were way to runny and flat as a tack. Haven’t made with 350g so will need to try again!

  9. Annelise says:

    350 g way too much!

  10. Kellie says:

    Absolutely loved them, couldn’t believe how thick and fluffy they were!

  11. Sarah says:

    I’ve just found this recipe and I will be sharing with everyone! The bight fluffiest yummiest pancakes EVER. thank you

  12. Jackie says:

    Great thick fluffy pancakes will b my go to recipe from now on thank you

  13. deirdre78 says:

    Hi, tried this today.Wow!I will not be buying McD’s hotcakes ever! I used normal white sugar,as I did not have castor.I would like to try raw sugar next. I used bread flour thinking it might improve the fluffy factor, it melted in my mouth. Out of laziness I mixed all ingredients together and used a stick blender to mix. Thank you, so yummy.

  14. Vicky says:

    Awsome receipe! Kids loved them.Thankyou for sharing..

  15. wendy says:

    it says 60g of raw sugar but on the ingredients it say 1/3 of a cup of castor sugar which one do i use

    1. I included the original recipe which is 1/3 cup of castor sugar, but I used the 60g of raw sugar in the Thermomix and don’t have a need to blitz it up beforehand, hope that helps x

  16. Amber Millar says:

    Excellent pancakes all five kids loved them. Very good recipe.

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