Aussie Breakfast Pizza

My darling hubby had a small surgery this afternoon, he was booked in for 3pm and was told to only eat breakfast and to be finished by 7am. The big fella likes the gym, he eats pretty healthy, at regular intervals and he eats A LOT. I knew the usual massive bowl of cereal and coffee wouldn’t get him through lunch never mind till 3pm today, so I hatched a little plan.

Last night we tried the TM Pizza dough recipe from the EDC, a friend tried it earlier in the week and said her bases were soggy, after much discussion on Facebook she came to the conclusion that she had cooked the pizza at too low a temperature and this may have been the cause. I figured if we gave it a go for dinner last night, not only could I give her my feedback but I could also sneak a base aside and use it to surprise hubby with a big hearty breakfast this morning.

Verdict on the base – meh! It was, ok, perhaps a little doughy in flavour (not texture). The only variation made was to ensure the water was room temperature when it went into the Thermomix as I keep my yeast in the fridge and it needs the heat to activate. It doubled, it rolled, it did everything as it should have done but something was a missing in the taste department. I have an authentic Italian Pizza Dough recipe given to me by a friend, I will convert it to a TM recipe the next time I make pizza and share it with you all.

Last night I wrapped the last ball of dough in my bakers mat and left it on the kitchen bench under a tea towel, this morning it was full of air and was at room temperature which meant it rolled out perfectly. Cold dough will shrink back while you’re rolling it.

I cook my pizza on a proper pizza tray with holes in the base; I also have a pizza stone but find the trays easier to handle due to the weight of them.  After rolling out the base on a flat floured surface I transfer it to the tray and prick the base with a fork. This is an important step, think of the readymade bases you seen in the supermarket, they are pock marked already, it helps with the cooking process and stops large bubbles forming under the dough during cooking (which don’t happen often but make your topping slide off when they do!).

The Topping

Today we kept it to a simple bacon and egg pizza. I used normal tomato sauce (ketchup for friends in the US) on the base. I then sprinkled a little mozzarella cheese around the outside of the base to create a doughnut look. You want to leave a space in the middle of the pizza for the egg. Next I layered bacon pieces and shredded ham on top of the cheese and then cracked the egg into the space left in the middle. If you don’t chop your meat into small pieces and arrange them to create a barrier you might find your egg sliding right off your pizza, same goes if you try to crack the egg on top of the meat . . . we learned this the hard way.

Next, top the pizza with more mozzarella cheese and place in a pre-warmed oven, I cook mine at 210c – 220c.

After 15 minutes it came out looking like this! My amateur photography doesn’t do it justice, it was DELICIOUS!

Thermomix Pizza Dough Recipe (from Australian Everyday Cookbook 2012)

280g Water or Milk (I used water at room temperature)

30g fresh yeast OR 1 sachet of dry yeast

20g Oil

2 teaspoons of salt (cooking or rock)

500g Bakers Flour


Place water/milk, yeast, oil and salt into the TM bowl. Mix for 5 seconds on Speed 3.

Add the flour, continue mixing for 6 seconds on Speed 8 to combine.

Set dial to closed lid position, knead dough for 2 minutes on Interval Speed .

Trasnfer the dough to a floured bowl and let dough rise to double the quantity (approx 30 mins)

Break dough into four balls and let rest for a further 15 minutes. Form pizza bases and add topping. Bake in hot oven 200c-220c until cooked.

Topping variations

We use a variety of breakfast items on our pizza including, sliced sausage, tomatoes, baked beans or canned spaghetti make great sauce alternatives (puree them in the TM first) we use Lorne sausage aka Scottish sausage and roll it into mini meatballs. Prosciutto and sundried tomatoes, with marinated mushrooms and fetta is a more ‘café’ style version of the brekkie pizza.

Let me know if you try any versions yourself, we’re always looking for new ideas!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    What is a Thermomix?

    1. Mrs P says:

      Hi Teresa,

      Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I’ve had some time off to have a baby. Thermomix is the world’s smallest kitchen all in one machine, the link will explain it better than I could! All I can say is I NEVER expected a piece of cookware would captivate so many people and equally appeal to those who hate cooking right through to professionals (thermomix is used in many professional kitchens)

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