Nappy (diaper) Pouch

Baby no 3 is due in the next couple of weeks and for those of you who’ve had children close together, you’ll know there is very little that needs acquiring for the last baby. With almost 10 years between no 1 and 2, I was lucky enough to experience the build up of buying all the furniture, getting the room ready, buying clothes, nappies and all the little items, twice.

not looking forward to this part again

Poor baby no 3 doesn’t need much, we’re converting a parents retreat in our bedroom to be the babies room but building work won’t commence until; the end of Jan at the earliest, so until then bubs doesn’t even have a room to set up, and since we like the gender to be a surprise there are no clothes or personal items to buy either (either – Miss 2’s current word of choice). It has made us forget all too often forget that someone else is about to join our family, we’ve even forgotten to have the name conversation until very recently, so this poor child is in danger of being nameless for a few days.

I have however been a very diligent virtual parent, I’ve mentiuoned before my love of Pinterest and the fact it has inspired several projects around our home. I have a great board for “Baby no 3” with all the things I’m going to make and buy . . . as soon as I know if we’re talking boy or girl colours (I’m not the kind of Mum who does the neutral thing, I guess I’m a bit old school). Today my Mum asked me to hem a pair of jeans for her, so while the sewing machine & overlocker were out I took the opportunity to whip up a few items for bubba. Actually, I just realised I’ve made two tiny toys and a pair of maternity jeans thanks to Pinspiration, I’ll have to blog about them in the next week, the weather is so warm and I am so huge that Captain Amazing has taken over the cooking duties and my desire to document his efforts is non existent, so with food blogging off the agenda for the next few weeks I will need something to blog about!

Today I overlocked the seams of two large pieces of light weight stretchy fabric. I like to make my own baby wraps, especially for the warm weather – hardly worth blogging about. I did howver finally manage to make the ‘diaper pouch’ I pinned 43 weeks ago, it’s one of those projects I knew I would do and couldn’t wait to get stuck into. The tuorial came from a website called if you click on the link it will take you directly to the tutoral.

I did plenty of things wrong:

1) I cut up my material to the specifications of the ‘butterfly’ pouch, which uses two different materials for the decorative panel . . . I was only using 1 type of decorative material, therefore I should have followed the ‘blue pouch’ instructions. I coverd it up by adding a decorative black band over the top of the seam, which matched my strap material.


2) I thought I would be clever and use self adhesive velcro dots on the pouch and strap, thinking this would hold them in place while I sewed them on. Well that part did work, however I didn’t consider that the needle would become sticky from the self adhesive substance and it would pull the thread out of the needle and make re-threading a sticky nightmare! (don’t do it, just use normal hook & eye velcro)

My partially completed pouch with the cotton batting attached

3) I blame this one on preggo brain – I sewed the lining in, inside out, you can see the side seems in the pictures at the top of the pouch.

Note to self: turn out all seams before photographing next project!

4) Also being blamed on preggo brain is forgetting to buy the material for the strap, so I used some stuff I had here, it is only 1 inch wide, hopefully wide enough to hold everything in place still!

Poor baby no 3, we can anticipate a lot of this if we don’t get ourselves organised soon.

Good luck if you decide to try this tutorial, over all it was very easy and self explanatory. (I didn’t convert any of the measurements in the original tute as I use a cutting board, ruler and rotary cutter which have measurements in inches) Let me know if you have been inspired to try anything you’ve seen on Pinterest!


Update Nov 27, 2012

To prove to myself that I could make the pouch properly I made a second one, and to prove to you all that I really made it, I took a picture of it with the first disaster! I also got to use my light tent for the first time, hopefully this will mean better pictures in the future!

See – I can follow a tutorial!


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