Tuscan Chicken Pasta

A few years ago I was an administrator on a national forum and one of the other administrators had this pasta recipe that was to die for, Tuscan Chicken Pasta. I want to attempt to recreate the recipe in the Thermomix but I was sceptical because the original recipe calls for charring of the herbs and I knew that flavour couldn’t be achieved in the TM, but I forged ahead anyway and the result was quite pleasing. For those who have had the original you will be surprised at the sauce colour, it is much lighter and pinkish in hue in comparison to the pan version but don’t be put off, this is a much quicker, less messier, hands free version and you’ll soon forgive it a little charring.



1 tablespoon of Tuscan seasoning
1 teaspoon of Thermomix stock (or substitute with a chicken stock cube)
3 pieces of short back bacon
200g cream
6 chicken thighs (cut into quarters and remove ‘excess fat’ not all fat)


Place 1T of seasoning in bowl and cook on Varoma Temp, Speed 1 for 1minute
Add 3 pieces of bacon (cut into thirds) and press turbo three times to chop bacon into small chunks
Add 200g cream, 1T of stock and 6 thighs and cook for 15mins at 100c, Speed 1

Serve with pasta shells or spirals, sauce can be set aside in Thermo Server while pasta cooks or for quick family diners cook pasta simultaneously in your Tupperware rice/past cooker or on the stove top.


I use GFresh brand Tuscan Seasoning, it is gluten & MSG free

Depending on size of chicken thighs you may need to cook for up to an additional 3 minutes

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