Thermomix Food Diary – Mrs P


I live with Hubby (Captain Amazing) and the three kids E 12.5, H almost 3 & baby A who has just started solids. Hubby and I have British backgrounds and we are food lovers, we LOVE food of all kinds from all over the world. We try to eat healthy and cut out the unnecessary additives, sugar and general nasties where we can. We grow some of our own produce and we have no food issues apart from me not eating salad much. I also have SLE which means my digestive system can be sensitive during a flare and after a bout of pancreatitis last year I need to be careful what I eat (not too much fat, spice or naughty stuff)

Day 1 Monday

Here’s our visual food diary today, soft butter rolls & tuscan chicken pasta, a slow thermo day in our house! {Mrs P}


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