Thermomix Food Diary – Mrs T


Mrs T here,

Hi so my food story goes kinda like this, I’m chef trained but never followed through with it. I’m a vegetarian but Mr T isn’t but he usually eats veggo as I only cook one dinner and if he wants meat he cooks it. I have 2 beautiful children Miss almost 4 and Mr 16 mos (Mrs F’s youngest is 2 wks younger then my lil man). I love cooking and baking with my kids and, my hubbie will often join in also. We eat a varied diet of different types of foods and I’m not afraid to try and make something new, oh well what’s the worst that could happen seriously, it’s only food!! And there’s always something in the freezer to eat.
I’m a chocolholic and love my coffee machine. Oh and I’m from Canada but im a certified Aussie and my hubbie is from England hence the Yorkshire puddings. Just one more thing – my grammar and punctuation are horrible so pls remember its about the food not the spelling , cheers {MrsT}

Day 1 Monday

Hi everyone, Mrs T here, made my family a nice fried rice for dinner and I was soo hungry I forgot to take a picture of it 😦 , I made the rice in the TM and sautéed the veg in the TM and then dumped it all in the wok really quickly with soy sauce and then a scrambled egg. Let’s just say dinner was so good it was gone in minutes, so no pics from the my family tonight :/, but I can show you last night’s yummy goodness of refried beans and sautéed veg that we had in our wraps


2013 EDC Fruit loaf with 50g more fruit added and double the spices!

Mrs T Day 1.2

Iced Coffee & Energy Balls

Energy ball ingredients – chia, flax, oatmeal, peanut butter, honey, coconut, choc chips – super yummy!!! Recipe to follow!

Mrs T day2.1

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