Chicken & Rice Bracarense Style – Thermomix

From the Travelling with Thermomix cook book. Below you will find my variation and suggestions, please note that the nutritional information only applies to the original recipe.

‘This dish is often found on every Portuguese table because it is cheap and easy to realise. Its name comes from the city if Braga, which is known as the capital of the Catholic church in Portugal…’


100g onions

2 cloves garlic

60g olive oil

1200g chicken legs and breast (cut into pieces)

2 tomatoes cut into quarters

100g chorizo, cut into slices

150g smoked bacon, cut into cubes

1 cube of chicken stock or 1T of tmx stock

1 bay leaf

1tsp salt

4 pinches pepper

200g water, plus some extra

150g white cabbage cut in pieces

200g green peas, frozen

300g long grain rice (not par-boiled)


1)      Place onions, garlic and olive oil inot bowl chop 3 sec, speed 5. (Scrape down sides) Then sauté 5 min, Varoma, speed 1.

2)      Add chicken legs, tomatoes, chorizo, smoked bacon, stock, bay leaf, salt, pepper and 200g water and cook 10min, 100c, reverse, speed soft.

3)      Add breast pieces, cook 10min, 100c, reverse, speed soft. Transfer all chicken to Varoma to keep them warm.

4)      Add white cabbage, peas and rice to bowl, add water up to 2L mark, place Varoma into position, cook 18min, 100c, reverse, speed soft.

5)      Pour into a hot serving tray, add chicken pieces from Varoma and serve immedietly.



1)1)      I used chicken Maryland as it was all I had available to me, this is probably why my chicken is falling right off the bone in the Varoma picture, they were small pieces and didn’t need that much cooking.

2)2)      Always use tmx stock when available, the flavour is so much better.

3)3)      I used Aborio rice as it was all I had in the cupboard and it turned out like a HUGE risotto, it was delicious.

4)4)     I substituted sweet potato & mushrooms for the cabbage & peas as my family are not big cabbage fans and I couldn’t find the peas (note to self – next time check under the car seat). As long as you work on a similar volume I think almost any vegetables could be substituted here, corn, carrots, asparagus, beans, whatever your family prefers!


It was delicious with every household member gobbling it up, every baby A started squawking for a taste (not that he was allowed one yet). I will definitely be keeping the recipe up my sleeve for visitors as it produces a huge volume of food. We are still eating the leftovers for lunch 2 days later. I served this meal with garlic and rosemary bread.

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