I think I’m on a food journey?


One of the things that happens to thermomix owners without them even realising it is they start to eat healthier. It doesn’t happen striaght away, the majority fo thermomix owners spend the first week cooking their main meal in the thermomix. By the end of the first month most have tried all 3 meals plus desserts and perhaps a few staples. The more you play with your thermomix the more confidence you gain as every meal turns out amazing. For me the big difference in my end product was bread, I have never been able to bake, even with a bread maker, I would produce stodgy squat loaves. When you have an amazing machine in your kitchen which can mill flour, whip butter and lets face it make anything from scratch for a lot less than it’s supermarket counterparts and without all the nasties it can become addictive. The Captain and I have noticed quite a lot of things changing around our house, we’re eating more vegetarian as the dishes are delicious and as big meat eaters we are not noticing the lack of meat so it says somethign about the recipes in the thermomix cook books. We’re saving money, we’re making things we never thought we’d attempt at home Creme Brulee, Panacotta, Arancini Balls, Risotto just to name a few. I have a new found appreciation for legumes & pulses, previously I would turn my nose up at anything like baked beans or dahl, I didn’t like the taste or texture, now I love dishes with those ingredients made from scratch in the thermomix with natural healthy ingredients. But best of all we are eating far more decidently than we ever have and we have not gained any weight, I have been able to drop medication and maintain my weight which has never previously happenned, and the captain has lost 12kg without altering his exercise regime.

Now I’m catching myself reading blogs like this one > 14 FOODS YOU SHOULD NEVER EAT

I am becoming more educated and I can honestly for the first time see how I might be able to improve my health by making some simple changes in my diet, changes that are simple and will go relatively unnoticed to my palate as I will be too busy consuming thermomix delights. Stay tuned I’ll let you all know how I go!

MrsP has Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Rayauds Syndrome, Rhuematoid Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel and is currently being treated for gastritis after 12 months of post surgical complications after a botched stent insertion (while 11 weeks pregnant) into the bile duct to relieve cholescystitis which led to panreatitis and liver failure in 2012 (all while pregnant with the amazing and perfectly healthy Mr A, now 5 months)

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  1. Mamajax says:

    Very proud of you, I hope this inspires your readers to follow suit 🙂 and yes, your breads are yummy!

  2. Lisa Chaffey says:

    I absolutely agree! Rather than a quick takeaway on the way home from work, it’s absolutely no effort to cook a proper dinner, full of vegies. In fact, I recently wrote 2 cookbooks, using 5 ingredients or less in your thermie. Book 1 is free, and available at http://www.thermocookbook.com
    Now, I cook dinner every night!

    1. Wow Lisa, good on you, I’ll do a post and let everyone know about your cookbooks 🙂

      1. Lisa Chaffey says:

        Thanks ThermoDreaming (great name, by the way), It would be great if you could do a post about my website and books. I have attached both of them here, as a gift for you.

        On the thermocookbook.com website, I have some free recipes, and a free book download (book 1). Book 2 is downloadable, for only $10.

        I am also keen to stock other people’s thermomix ebooks, if you know of anyone thinking of writing a cookbook Cheers, Lisa

        *Dr. Lisa Chaffey ClinScD* Occupational Therapist

        ABN: 22 515 464 996

        Phone: 0425 600 038 (International +61 425 600 038)

        E-mail: lisach@ffey.com.au

        Skype: lisa.chaffey71

        *P please consider the environment before printing this email*

  3. Lisa Chaffey says:

    oops…please ignore the above comment. I’m a wordpress idiot!

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