Lamb Shanks

One of the biggest misconceptions about the Thermomix is the inability to cook certain types for food for example, meat on the bone such as Lamb Shanks and Osso Bucco.

Our earlier recipe Chicken and Rice Bracarense Style from the Traveling with Thermomix cookbook has been a huge hit with those who tried it so I thought I‘d bring to you another favourite dish of mine, Lamb Shanks. You can replace the sauce in the jug with any flavour of sauce, your favourite lamb shanks recipe will convert easily, just ensure you have around 750ml of liquid in the sauce to create steam required to cook the Lamb Shanks properly. Your meat will be cooked to falling off the bone perfection and infused with the flavours of your sauce.


·         Note that the cooking times for this recipe are for 3 very large shanks with a combined weight of 1.225kg

3-6 Lamb Shanks

1 can of tomatoes (whole, peeled, diced – any is fine)

1tsp Wholegrain mustard

1Tbsp BBQ Sauce – we used Quirky Cooking BBQ Sauce

1Tbsp Thermomix Stock (or 1 vegetable stock cube)

1Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce

180g of Dry Red Wine

2 Cloves Garlic

1 Medium Brown Onion

1 Red Capsicum

1 Cup of water

40g Olive oil (approx 2 tablespoons)

Salt & Pepper to taste



1)      Place garlic and onion in bowl and chop for 3 Seconds, Speed 7.

2)      Add 40g Oilve Oil and sauté for 3minutes, 100c, Speed 1.

3)      While onion & garlic sauté, place disposable chop sticks or similar in base of Varoma to create lift and place lamb shanks on top, top with salt and pepper.

4)      Add all remaining ingredients to the jug and cook for 35 minutes, Varoma Temp, Speed 4. Cooking time may vary depending on volume of meat, cook until juices run clear when pierced with a sharp knife. Other tell tale signs are meat falling off bone, tendons pulling shank into a U shape as per pic above and marrow oozing out of bones.

Place in thermoserver while you prepare an accompaniment such as EDC Mash Potato, Rice, Cous Cous or polenta.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ali says:

    tried this tonight for dinner…sauce was delicious but the shanks were too tough. I can’t see how steaming them for 35 mins would produce the right consistency in the shank meat. Usually, in a slow cooker, you could cook these shanks for about 6 hours +.

    i’m still getting to grips with the thermomix but i’m not convinced steaming like this will create the desired texture in the meat.

    I served it with mash potatoes and some pumpkin on the side (thermomix too). The sauce in your recipe and the mash potatoes were divine together.

    1. Mrs P says:

      Hi Ali,
      I used quite small shanks in the recipe, I have made it again using larger shanks – I would call them average for my local supermarket, and I needed to cook the for 60 mins. Keep trying and testing, that’s half the fun of the thermomix!

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