12wbt spicy baked beans with egg

It’s been a little while since Mrs T and I posted any new recipes as we’ve both been doing the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation and LOVING IT! We’re diligently converting away as many recipes as we can but alas we are not able to share them. We can however share one of our own creations with a very low calorie count and a couple of variations! Our 12wbt spicy baked beans with egg is inspired by this Huevos Rancheros recipe from www.journalofafrenchfoodie.com


12WBT spicy baked beans


1 x 400g tin of canellini beans (Ortero brand 116 cal)

1/2 can of peeled tomatoes (La Nova brand 45 cal)

1/2 onion (20 cal)

1 clove garlic (14 cal)

1 teaspoon Olive Oil (8 cal)

1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds (8 cal)

1/2 teaspoon dried oregano (10 cal)

2 serves calorie total 172 or 86 calories per person


1) Place garlic and onion in bowl and chop on Speed 7, for 3 Seconds.

2) Add olive oil and cook for 3min, 100c, speed 1.

3) Add tomatoes, cumin seeds, oregano, tomatoes and canellini beans, cook for 8 mins, reverse, speed 1, 100c.


At 86 calories per person this tasty little dish leaves you with several options, you can add a slice of wholemeal or grainy bread (around 70 cal per slice) and still have a ridiculously low calorie count. I often find that when served on bread this amount is enough for four serves. But our favourite way to eat them is the following;

Huevos Rancheros style spicy baked beans with egg

Extras Ingredients

1 egg per person (approx 80 cal)

Spray olive oil (5 cal)

Handful of baby spinach leaves (40 cal)

Handful of parsley (0 cal)

Handful of coriander leaves (25 cal)

1 slice of wholegrain bread per person (approx 70 cal)


1) Lightly spray the base of your frying pan with olive oil and place your portion of the spicy baked beans in the pan on medium heat.

2) Using the back of a spoon make a hole in the bean mix for your egg and crack it in, cover with lid and cook until egg is desired consistency (I like mine with a runny yoke unlike the picture above)

3) Serve on toast topped with spinach, coriander and parsley and enjoy!


Switch the slice of bread for an extra egg

Calories for all variations

Huevos  – 86 calories

Herb topping – 65 calories

Huevos (86) served on toast (70) – 156 calories

Huevos (86) served on toast (70) with herbs (65)  – 221 cal

Huevos (86) with baked egg (80) on toast (70) – 236 cal

Huevos (86) with baked egg (80) on toast (70) with herb topping (65) – 301 cal

Huevos (86) with two baked eggs (160) – 246 cal

Huevos (86) with two baked eggs (160) and herb topping (65) – 311 cal

Huevos (86) with two baked eggs (160) on toast (70) – 316 cal

Huevos (86) with two baked eggs (160) and herb topping (65) on toast (70) – 381 cal


PS If anyone is thinking of doing 12WBT we HIGHLY recommend it!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Claudia says:

    Yum! Thanks for sharing that and for the calorie counts, that makes it so easy to calculate. I’m doing 12WBT too, also loving it! 🙂

  2. Emma Blake says:

    Love your conversion on 12wbt – I’m new to thermo & 12wbt – any tips on recipe conversion?


    1. Mrs P says:

      My best tip is to use the calorie counter on 12WBT to work out your calories, mix an match ingredients from the meals shown to you and convert them to Thermomix cooking. I would steam a lot of my meat in the varoma for main meals, make my own yoghurt, replaced margarine with home made proper butter (the difference in calories was extremely minimal) I was having a ball doing 12WBT until a tea mug exploded all over me, I got a third degree burn on my stomach and a few weeks after that finally healed I was ready to leap back into 12WBT when I broke both the bones in my ankle playing netball LOL. . . . . So yes I’ve had a bit of a break! I highly recommend 12WBT to EVERYONE!

  3. Deb says:

    just started the 12wbt and I was thinking i would love to see some thermomix recipes there. I will defiantly be trying this one – baked beans from a can is one of the last things I would eat. Thanks!

  4. sarah g says:

    12WBT is a bit expensive for me 😦 im going to sign up soon, i just need to save! i just got a new job so i should be burning with you girls soon!

    xoxo sarah!

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