Reality Bites


Having a quick whinge because life isn’t all rocky road cookies and puppies on the beach (see how I did that, slipped in the fact that we now have a dog and I now have an excuse to post an adorable picture of her on the beach??)


Tonight is date night, it’s been about 6 months since hubby and I went out alone and tonight is no exception, I’m such a bore these days that we’re taking some friends on our date to up the excitement levels for him, let me explain why.

Stupid lupus has been invading my life non stop all year, it started with a post Christmas camping trip, anyone with pancreas or gall bladder issues will tell you that alcohol, spicy food or greasy food do not help and well two days of bush camping meant every meal was cooked on the barbie. That resulted in a two day stint in the local hospital to deal with a pancreatic seizure. It happened again in March after a 5 day camping trip, that one wasn’t the food (I took the Thermomix) but I got cocky and a had a few wines TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW (what a rebel) my body freaked out and started to punish me the whole way home, poor hubby had to stop the car every 30 mins or so for me to vomit in between bouts of loud mooing/ labour pain noises, the whole time with the kids complaining in the back oh and it doesn’t end there, on that trip I also broke my ankle . . again, for the third time in 15months. No exciting story to tell, I was walking on a flat surface and it just went from under me, although I may have been overheard telling people it was a bunjy jumping/skiing/bounce accident.

Pink dress - check, matching shoes - check, Blue belt - check, matching crutches . . . . .   date night dressing is so much fun
Pink dress – check, matching shoes – check, Blue belt – check, matching crutches . . . . . date night dressing is so much fun

Fast forward a few booze free weeks where I can pretty much only eat vegetable soup because my body refuses to process anything else after the second seizure and while I was hobbling around (I ditched the moon boot early on for an ankle brace, the moon boot was causing three other problems – aren’t I lucky?) a nasty chest infection struck. It only took 3 weeks to clear up this time (which is record for me, last year 7 weeks, year before 9 weeks) and just as I was starting to feel better and I had stopped visibly limping a vein exploded in my right calf. Varicose veins are a sexy side affect some of us lupies suffer from and exploding veins, (caused by tiny blockages, which can in some cases lead to DVT are part of the whole sexy package -yes I have two pairs of my own support stockings, jealous)? are part of the whole deal.

So the bruising from the vein disaster took a few weeks to disappear and the ankle progress is SLOOOOOOW, 6 – 12 months I’m going to need the brace for. The rest of my body was finally starting to cooperate though and I’ve got my food mojo back, it’s much easier to think of delicious things to cook when you can actually eat them! So things are traveling pretty smoothly for a week or two and then BAM out of nowhere I dislocate my hip. Again no story to tell . . . .(hula dancing, lap dancing, S&M Mistress) As if that wasn’t bad enough 3 days ago I bent over at a weird angle to accommodate the dodgy hip and twinged a muscle in my back. Daily life is one big pain at the moment, every cleaning task involves bending, floors, dishwasher, washing and the worst chore of all, trying to put a night nappy on Mr 2.5, it’s almost impossible.  He’s never been one to still, in fact we’ve always referred to changing his nappy as ‘your turn to wrestle the crocodile’ . . . . the point of all this? I’m grumpy tired, limping, cant sit comfortably, can’t drink and the worst part, I have NOTHING TO WEAR – hence inviting friends on our date night for a bit of fun company.

Wrestling a croc may be easier than putting a nappy on an uncooperative 2.5 year old
Wrestling a croc may be easier than putting a nappy on an uncooperative 2.5 year old

I tried to go shopping yesterday for something new to wear to cheer myself up but after 10 mins and trying on one top I was done, I wish I could blame the injuries but it’s how I normally feel about shopping, unless you’re talking Bunnings and then I could stay in there for days. SIGH, so there you have it, my rant for the week, I’m also frustrated that I cant finish off the three chairs I have in progress, it’s making family dinners fun with 4 chairs and 5 people at the table (I swiped a desk chair and Daddy often balance the smallest of the smalls on his lap while eating.

Righto wish me luck, off to paint on a happy face . . . I’m sure I’ll be fine once I get there, kid free, awesome food and wine (I’ll just Facebook the wine so people think I’m normal ha ha ha) and great company always do the trick.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend, me, I’ve got a whole day at netball and a fundraiser on Sunday with no Daddy, he’s training volunteer fire fighters all weekend. Thank goodness for Dobby (Miss 14 aka Dobby the house elf) she’ll be my runner this weekend and chase her cheeky two year old brother for me!


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