Chinese Chicken and Corn Soup

My family LOVES Chinese Chicken & Corn Soup, so much so that it’s become the soup course for our very traditional Eurpoean Christmas dinner. We also love a good barbecued chicken from the supermarket, sometimes for a quick dinner but mostly for lunch rolls, we use the tender thigh meat first and there always seems to be a chicken breast left in the fridge which I end up throwing out. A few weeks ago the Captain came home from the supermarket with 3 containers of Campbell’s reduced salt chicken stock because it was on sale for $1 . . . . .  he genetically can not resist a bargain no matter how unlikelly we are to use it (the same goes for bulk purchases, you have no idea how many times I have had to convince him to put down a 20kg bucket of something at the wholesalers) I do use a lot of chicken stock but I tend to make my own chicken stock when I steam whole chickens in the Varoma, by boiling chicken carcasses or by dissolving stock cubes in water, he really should pay more attention. This is actually the first time I’ve used the Campbell’s pre made stock. I’ve also made this cheats version of chicken and corn soup using my own home made stock and it was just as delicious.

I figured if I was going to throw out the breast and give away the stock then what would the harm be in giving an old favourite a crack and it turned out better than I could have hoped for so we now call this one cheats Chicken & Corn Soup!

Cooking time 27 mins – makes 2L


1L Campbells low salt chicken stock

1 medium brown onion

12 whole black peppercorns

1 thumb sized piece of fresh ginger OR 10g of minced ginger from the sneaky jar kept in the fridge

2 cans of creamed corn

100g of bacon

1 cooked barbcue chicken breast approx 100g


1 egg white

1/4 teaspoon of sesame oil

2 spring onions to garnish


1) Place stock in jug, insert steamer basket into jug and place peppercorns, ginger and onion (peeled nad chopped in half) into jug. Cook for 10 mins, 100c, speed 2

2) Remove steamer basket and throw away ginger, onion & peppercorns

3) Add both cans of creamed corn and mix on speed 4, 10 seconds

4) Place steamer basket back into jug slowly, it will be quite full, add 100g of bacon choped into 1cm chunks. I used 4 slices of short cut bacon this time, sometimes I use two slices of middle bacon. And the chicken breast also chopped into 1cm chunks. Cook for 15mins, speed 2, 100c

5) Slowly lift the basket and drain out the fluid before tipping contents into thermomix, be careful the jug will be very full. If you are not adding in the optional extras serve now and enjoy!

6) Replace the lid, place egg white into MC with a dash of cold water, mix with a fork. Slowly stir the soup on REVERSE speed 2, 100c for 2 mins. Add sesame oil and or egg white by slowly dripping the egg/water mixture off the end of the fork, into the bowl through the hole in the jug.

7) Serve in soup bowls (or a gravy boat like me if you think it’ll make a good picture lol) and garnish with spring onion, ENJOY!

Acacia chopping board $12 Kmart, Maxwell & Williams Gravy Boat with plate (not shown) $4.25 at Salvos Store
*please note I am not sponsored by anyone, I only mention the products I use and like

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