Soy Poached Chicken

Light, bright, appetising, smells delicious, tastes amazing, it’s quick to cook, surprisingly filling and at only tiny 260cal per serve it’s a perfect dish for those doing the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Challenge, especially if you’ve had a blow out during the day. If you haven’t had a blow out and still have room for more calories in your day check out the tips below for bulking up this meal. For those of your doing 12WBT, I have included my calorie calculations for you all because I know you don’t believe how low it is!

I discovered soy poached chicken around 18 years ago, it was a fresh tasty dinner I used to cook up in a pretty messy way, it involved using a low sided bowl in a steamer basket over a soup pot of boiling water . . .  thank goodness for the Thermomix, it makes this all so much easier! I’ve convereted this recipe from Everyday Gourmet, the show which feature past masterchef favourite Justine Schofield (the image below is from the Everyday gourmet website and shows the chicken garnished with Nigella seeds).

The poaching liquid works out 196 calories for approximately 800ml of liquid, which is great news, it means you can pour 50ml (half a MC at 13 cal) or 100ml (a whole MC full for 26 cal) over your rice and poached chicken and still stay well within range of your daily calories.


Serves 4


180g (2 cups) of long grain white rice (102 cal per half cup/person)

4 Chicken Breast, approx 140g each (141 cal)

2 Fresh Thai Chillies, one for liquid one for garnish (18 cal each chilli)

4 spring onions (2 cal each)

2-3 Baby Bok Choy (85g per person 10 cal)

70g (1/4 cup) Soy Sauce (34 cal)

500ml Campbell’s Salt Reduced Chicken Stock (9 cal)

200g water

             2T honey (120 cal)

2 knobs fresh ginger (4 cal)

1 clove garlic (3 cal)

1 star anise

1 lime juice only (8 cal)

TIP if you use Tamari instead in soy the calories increase to 45 for a 1/4 cup, there is no calorie difference between soy and light soy (salt reduced).



1) Place rice into steamer basket and rinse under hot water to remove starch.


2) Place 600g water in jug, insert basket and cook for 12mins, Varoma Temp, Speed 4

In just 12 mins you’ll have beautiful soft fluffy rice, cooked the whole way through

3) Place cooked rice into Thermoserver until the rest of the dish is ready


1) Place 1 chilli, ginger and garlic in bowl and chop Speed 7, 3 Seconds

2) Add water, soy, stock, honey, lime juice, cook for  and insert steamer basket, place star anise into basket. Cook Varoma Temp, 8mins, Speed 2 (or until up to temperature)

3) Place chicken breast in basket, replace lid and add bok choy into Varoma in the top section, cook Varoma Temp, 10 mins, Speed 4

4) Readjust the chicken breasts, so the uncooked portioins face the outside of the basket, cook for a further 4 mins, Varoma Temp, Speed 4

5) Slice each breast into 5-6 thick slices, serve on a bed of rice with bok choy, top each breast with 1/4 sliced thai chill (4.5 cal) and 1 sliced spring onion. Add some of the poaching liquid to bowl, 50ml (half MC) = 13 cal, 100ml (Full MC) = 26 cal

Calorie Count Per Person

1/2 Cup rice 102 calories

Chicken Breast 140 calories

Bok Choy 10 calories

Chilli & Spring Onion Garnish 6.5 calories

Sub Total                   258.5 calories

Plus 50ml liquid         271.5 calories

Plus 100ml liquid       284.5 calories

Want to bulk it up? Try adding These ingredients;

1 sliced carrot per person, add to steamer basket under the chicken (22 cal per carrot)

1 cup of white mushrooms per person (thick slices) steamed in Varoma with bok choy (21 calories per cup)

1 cup of dried shitake mushrooms, place in basket with chicken, (50 calories per cup)

1 cup of string or snap beans, place in varoma with bok choy, (44 calories per cup) may work in varoma but I haven’t tried it yet

Serve steamed/poached veg on the side in a separate dish, not only does it look authentic but it visually looks like you’re getting more. Sometimes when people are on a diet or calorie restriction they mentally sabotage themselves, convincing themselves that what’s in front of them isn’t going to be enough because they know it’s low in calories. Sometimes it’s the food because it can look plain and unappealing and that can be hard when you’re a person who eats with their eyes. If I’m serving this to the Captain I sometimes put the chicken in one dish, rice in another and veg in a third and voila, a feast before his eyes.

TIPThere are a few substitutions you can make with this recipe but I haven’t done the calculations:

  • Use 1T of thermomix stock in 500ml water instead of 500ml chicken stock
  • Lemon Juice instead of lime
  • 2T of brown sugar instead of honey



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