Thick Béchamel Sauce 

My family love a good lasagna or moussaka but unfortunately all of the recipes I have found online for béchamel are way too runny to be used as a layer in these traditional European dishes. The EDC recipe for thermomix béchamel is perfect for cauliflower or wet dishes such tuna mornay but if you need your béchamel sauce thicker to act as a layer in a dish this is the one you’ve been looking for.

If you like my thick béchamel but want to kick it up a notch in the flavour department, why not try my gourmet thermomix béchamel sauce recipe

TIPIf you’re using this as a top layer in a dish I recommend topping it with 60g of grated parmesan, mill this first on speed 9, 10 seconds before cooking the béchamel sauce 


35g butter (store bought is denser and works better than homemade) 

50g flour (I use bakers because it’s in the cupboard, plain is fine)

390g full cream milk

1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg

60g grated cheese 

TIP – I use colby cheese because it’s always in my fridge, cheddar, tasty and other ‘sandwich’ cheeses all work fine


1) Grate 60g of cheese and set aside, wipe bowl with tea towel to remove all traces of cheese

2) Add 35g butter (cut into chunks) and 50g flour to bowl and cook at 90c, 3mins 30 secs, speed 4

3) Add 390g milk, 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg and cook for a further 5mins, 90c, speed 4

4) Add grated cheese and continue to cook for 2mins, 90c, speed 4

TIP – If you are setting this aside to use later it will form a thick layer on top, simply give it a mix to work the layer back in, if there is no heat left in the sauce warm it in the microwave before mixing

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  1. evbrun5187 says:

    Amazing!! 🙂 Perfect consistency! Thankyou so much… My lasagnes bubbling in the oven! 🙂

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