Organising the linen press

I feel like no matter what I do I can’t stay on top of things around here, being super busy often unwell and with three kids (again why oh why did I think toddlers and teenagers would be a great age mix?) There are a few things I’ve changed around here to help keep things organised and to make sure things only have to be done once! Changing the way I organise my linen press was one of them.
I’m a towel folding psycho, the towel MUST be folded in half lengthways, then in half from top to bottom, and then folded in thirds ensuring all the open edges are folded into the middle first and then stacked in the cupboard with the fodled edge showing (not the open ends) Towels must also be stacked in size and colour order from dark to light and DO NOT EVER mix up the bathroom towels and the beach towels  . . . or the hand towels, bath mats and facewashers, they all have their own separate sections.

When you have mild OCD . . . . this isn’t actually a thing I say, I had quite a bad case around 14 years ago when my Dad died, I also separated from my fiancee, lost a child, had to sell my home that I saved for 5 years to buy at age 22, it was a horrible timem, I felt so out of control and as the food posts can atest I like food way too much to become anorexic or bulimic so the only other way I could control my environment was with OCD cleaning and organising. My friends actually staged an intervention, they couldn’t visit without me polishing, cleaning and suting around them . . . . .

Anyway, it’s difficult to have a brain that demands perfection when you body cries for rest and sleep and you live with 3 of the messiest humans ever. The Captain, god love him, is amazing at so many things, cleaning yes but tidying NOOOOOO. The worst habit he has, that makes me want to shoot him on a basis, is a filthy little night time ritual of taking off his shoes and socks, putting his shoes away in Harry Potters Room (aka the cupboard under the stairs) popping his feet up on the couch and stuffing his stinky socks in between the cushions . . . . WHY?????? He has to walk past the laundry to put his shoes away ARRRGGGHHH!!!!!

Miss 5 is so notoriously so messy that she has nicknames referring to her messiness. She wanders around this big old house with either a dolls pram or toy trolley and relocates items from one place to another, pick up an ornament from the dining room and leave it in the laundry, move some books from the library into the front living room, move some dolls clothes from the toy cubby to the stairwell . . .  I think you get the picture, it is a lot better than it used to be when she was 2 or 3 but it’s still more mess than other kids her age make. And E, well she’s a teenage girl, need I say more.

So my brain, when and where it can, comes up with these ways of giving me back control. I had to teenage proof the linen press.


It’s pretty simple really, just fold up the sheets and put them inside the corresponsing pillow case.You’ll never waste minutes of your life rummaging through the linen press again looking for ‘the other pillow case’ which seems to be the linen version of the missing sock!


Sept 5th, 2015

It’s been 3 months since I teenage proofed the linen press, a few days after taking this picture I added a small basket to house those few odd items we inevitably all have, that hand made pillowcase from that birthday party, your one table cloth – no just me? The good news is, IT WORKS! The system works, the kids just pull out the sheet or quilt set they’re after and the linen press is no longer a disaster, we even had a midnight sheet change a few weeks ago with sick little boy and it was super speedy. An hour well spent sorting this out.

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