The Game Changer

It wasn’t so long ago, 12 months in fact, that I thought my life was over and I was on a slow painful decline to death.

Actually it wasn’t something I thought, it was something I was told by my doctors because my bloods were THAT bad at the start of Ocotber 2015

It’s no secret that I was desperate to lose weight to see if it could relieve some of the symptoms I was suffering, most notably dysfunction in the neural pathways leading to many falls resulting in broken bones and dislocated joints. In addition to my physical pain, I was devastated, I’d always been attractive to the opposite sex and since becoming sick with systemic lupus I came to truly understand the saying ravaged with illness. My weight, a struggle for any former pro athlete, my looks and my self esteem took a huge battering and I cannot tell you how grateful I will always be for the products I used coming into my life when it did.

I needed energy, I needed health, I needed a revival internally, externally, mentally, emotionally and physically and now as I sit here 12 months later on South Beach in Miami, about to board a Cruise to the Bahamas for the top 1% of distributors in my company worldwide, that all seems like a lifetime ago.

I hadn’t ever looked into cellular health, cellular nutrition and gut health as being complicate in my illness, but it turns out it was exactly what my doctors and I should have been focusing on to achieve a recovery for me.

If you’d like to know more about the products I took please message me on my facebook page and I’ll be happy to share with you x