About Me

I’m 35 36 37 38 39 40 an Australian mother of Two Three contemplating if I’m too old to become a mother of three what the hell I was thinking having a  baby at 36? I have an amazing husband, two beautiful daughters, a cute little son, a laid back labradoodle, an online business and I help hubby run his 2 crazy businesses. I have a single & sixtyish Grandma (my Mum) on the loose now living around the corner and a chronic illness which will prematurely end my life. 5 years, 10 years, 20 years we have no idea how long I have left, so we live each day to the fullest and for the most part get on with things like it doesn’t exist. UPDATE: Stinking systemic lupus is no longer trying to kill me, it’s still there but as of January 2016 it is completely inactive thanks to healthy living and world class cellular level health supplements. Check out the bottom of the page if you want to know more!

As if that wasn’t enough we bought a fixer upper, a barn style house, in the country down by the beach which was decorated in shabby chic style with lime green walls . . . IN.EVERY.ROOM.

A lot of pinning and googling has gone on to find a style to incorporate all of these things and our personal family style (which is – pnau, as in that’ll do for now (spelled pnau because it’s way more posh) we’ll get a good lounge  when the kids are bigger and the dog is no longer a pup. The dog is still a pain in the butt however we finally upgraded to a second hand leather lounge, I can’t stand the idea of her ruining a new one!

I love food, wine (when I can tolerate it)  I fixed my gut health so I can love my wine again, renovating and upcycling furniture, making my own furniture paint trust me if you can take away one thing from this, it’s NEVER make your own chalk paint, not worth the heart ache, buy it from the professionals! Interior design, Pinterest, gardening, going to the beach, DIY, netball (my playing days are well and truly in the past) and TRAVELING! Holy Moly do I love to travel, and now thanks to my new found health, I’m a health and wellness entrepreneur with a six figure income.

The Health & Wellness Entrepreneur part wasn’t so much of a surprise. In fact my very first business at the tender age of 18 was as a personal trainer. I went on to work with the North Adelaide Football Club (AFL) for a number years and had a number of professional roles within the industry. Returning to the Health and Wellness industry feels like a home coming of sorts, almost as though the universe required me to go on a long journey with my business skills and personal health to return to where I truly belong, with a better understanding of how debilitating poor health can be and the business skills to do something with that knowledge.

I’ve started this blog for my daughters children, so when I am gone, if they need to hear my voice they can get it first hand, and by voice I mean opinion. It’ll be an odd collection of posts on a wide range of subjects but it’ll be me, raw and real for them, and hopefully some of you will be able to relate to my crazy life.

*My website has become more business orientated since it’s inception, so the private posts, pouring out my frustrations and heartache of chronic illness have been hidden for just their eyes.

Instead of rewriting the ‘about’ page when things change, I’m just going to rule a line through it, because you can’t erase your history.

The main image on this page I took on my way down to Myponga Beach, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. Every shot I took that day was beautiful, the conditions were perfect, this is one of my favourites thanks to the two cheeky kangaroos that jumped out just as I took the shot!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Is it possible to post the metric conversion’s for this recipe ?

  2. Sada says:

    You are such a talent! Handling everything you do with humour and grace…love it! And that photo…WOW!!!

  3. Jack Carter says:

    You sound a lovely courageous lady and I would think your husband is immensely proud of you. I am sure I would be. Thank you for sharing your Blog.
    My worries, of which I have many, pale into insignificance compared to yours.
    Thanks for the tip, I will never attempt to make chalk paint, although I do us copious amounts.
    Keep your chin up, easy to say I know.

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