What would you say if I told you that I’m 40, a mother of 3, happily married and I earn a very healthy full time income working from home.

We’ve all fallen into that work from home trap because we wanted the products, to help out a friend or one time I even joined a direct selling company just to get out of the house! Then there was that time in October 2015 when I accidentally started one of the biggest global teams in a health & wellness company just by posting my personal results on Facebook. Yes it’s true, starting was an accident but succeeding wasn’t, I worked my butt off and dedicated hours and hours to growing my team and customer base.

My team have become some of the closest people in my life so when the company we represented started failing us and our customers, leaving was an easy decision. What was more difficult was the decision to carry on and if so, with which company. We wanted clinically proven products, a brilliant compensation plan and some control over the company image. We didn’t want to work for company that insisted on the use of personal social media profiles to sell.

We researched over 30 companies and as a team we had some very lofty requirements. We were honestly shocked when we found a company that not only met EVERY SINGLE ONE of our expectations but exceeded them! I am pleased to announce that I am the leader of the Australian Team launching this global Health & Wellness giant into Australia, I can’t publicly name them until our official launch, but if you want to know more just drop me a line, we’re rebuilding our team and we’re building it BIG! x